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Difference between the RGB color VS CMYK


     About the color of the print media is made. We often have problems why print the actual type of printer system offsets are some color images printed in color channel from image to see time on the computer screen design. See also RGB and CMYK find the word is what difference do. And how to choose. For the benefit of Publishing and used in communication with the printer, as well as prevent problems that may occur with the understanding that do not match. This article discusses issues of color and phenomena arising from adoption.

 แม่สี RGB กับ CMY 

Ink and light color.

We see images from a computer screen image of the light source of light is a light red color 3 (Red) light green (Green) and light blue (Blue), a call summary that RGB colors of light. Three to emit light to display. And the combination of a light point for each point on the screen as the amount of light that are the same cause as many different colors on the monitor screen and three lights when mixed together in the same amount of light will be. white light is called the Additive Primary Colors.

The image printing on white paper is a picture of a white light penetration look Floor 4 of the ink color is yellow (Yellow) Pink (Magenta) blue (Cyan) and black (Black) reflecting surface. white paper and then into our eyes. Four colors of ink when the amount of each different color. Simultaneously in the same area will cause a myriad of different colors and four color called Glance that is CMYK colors for type theory when the ink color is yellow, 3 pink and blue to overlapping. Will be black so called Subtractive Primary Colors, but in reality when the 3 colors such overlap is gray brown. This is because the impurity of chemicals used to make ink. Therefore, the need to print 4 color ink is black help. We called a 4 color print.


Area of color (Gamut).

This was in 1928 WD Wright and J. Guild has succeeded in measuring light waves. Which later was made a map called the Color Spectrum Chart map that shows all the colors the human eye can be realized.

When organized area of color appears in the RGB (RGB Gamut) compared with the area of color appears in the CMYK (CMYK Gamut) on the Color Spectrum Chart to find that the overlapping area is. That is, if the translation of certain colors to be displayed in color RGB system, but outside the area of color in CMYK can not be the same color value in CMYK with the result. Some color to see color on the monitor screen to be printed on paper will have to color channel.

ภาพเปรียบเทียบก่อนและหลังจากแปลงจาก RGB mode ไปเป็น CMYK mode

 Selected color mode to use.

    The design work and using various graphics you can use the RGB color mode or CMYK color mode, but also if the RGB color mode at the completion of the printer before sending the file to convert a CMYK color mode, and. to check image quality and color of the benefits of working in RGB is the size of the file in RGB system is smaller than the file in CMYK with a smaller file size will work more agile. And area of the RGB color system in general than if working in CMYK CMYK values will cause loss of color if used more as used in this web site but multiple filter sets work only on systems. To check only RGB images in CMYK during work. Can be done using the command CMYK preview or press 'Crtl' with 'Y' or check the command 'Gamut Warning' is a great caution. Is to avoid converting back and forth between the RGB to CMYK many times it will make the details of image lost. Color image to the channel.

Source http://www.supremeprint.net/index.php?lay=show&ac=article&Id=538763157

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